Skiing Into & Out Of Counter


This is a rotational strategy in which the pelvis and torso are kept facing down the falline, while the skier connects a series of turns. 

The result is a turn that begins “ROTATED”, with the skier’s body facing towards the inside of the turn they are about to begin. 

As the turn commences, that rotated state gradually goes away, as the skis turn to join the pelvis and torso in pointing down the falline.  At the moment they join, the skier is said to be skiing “SQUARE”.  

Through the second half of the turn, the skis continue to turn across the hill, while the skier’s pelvis and torso remain pointing down the hill.   That puts the skier in a rotational position referred to as “COUNTERED”, with the skier’s pelvis and torso facing towards the outside of the turn.  The further the skier continues to turn away from the falline, the more countered they become. 

To link a series of turns, that same rotational strategy is simply repeated from turn to turn.

Skiing Into And Out Of Counter