Outside Leg Relaxation


OLR - Outside Leg RElaxation

An acronym  for "Outside Leg Relaxation",  OLR is a type of turn transition.  It's done by relaxing your outside leg at the end of a turn, which transfers pressure to your inside foot.  That pressure transfer causes a temporary state of imbalance, which allows gravity and centrifugal force to tip the skier off edge and into the new turn.  It's an efficient way to transition, because it employs the existing turn forces to do the work of moving the center of mass across the skis and into the new turn.  it produces a rapid, cross through type of transition, in which the Center of Mass travels a rather direct path across the skis.   it also puts the skier in a more hips aft position at turn initiation, which requires a proactive fore recovery move early in the turn.