Aft Balance


AFT Balance

A fore/aft balance state in which all base of the foot pressure is concentrated under the heels of the feet.  Aft balance directs more load to the back of the ski, which unloads the tip of the ski, causing the skis to shoot forward, ahead of the skier.   It can be a useful balance state to employ at the end of the turn, to release the skis and allow them to flow freely into the new turn.   It's also a good balance state to become familiar and comfortable with, for recovery skill purposes.  In subtle states of aft balance, the calf will be in contact with the back of the boot, but not overly pressuring it.  The more you move aft and pressure the back of the boots with your calfs, the more strongly you load and bend the back of your skis, and the more powerfully they will crank the finish of the turn and rebound through the transition.