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Want to learn about carving ski technique?  Who doesn't these days?  

Take a look in this online ski instruction section.  We'll have a number of articles and tips about what it is, how it works,  how to learn it and  how to do it.

Not ready for carving yet?  Still find that when you ski parallel turns you have all the challenge you can handle?   This is the place to look.  We'll explain to you the skills needed to get to the next level, and the means for doing it. Are you perplexed about now to negotiate steep terrain, or how to ski in deep snow?  We'll touch on those things too.

Learning to ski better

Recent Articles

  1. BulletSeason Starter Program

  Warm-up ski drills to get your ski season off to a great start.

  1. BulletDaily Warm Up Routine

   Get your ski feet tuned up each day for a fantastic day of sliding.

  1. BulletCan't Buy A Turn

  A discussion on the real value of purchasing new equipment.

  1. BulletMaking Time For Drills

  How do you fit skiing drills into your valuable ski time? Ways to maximise the fun and maximise the effectiveness of your skiing time.

  1. BulletSaying Good-bye To Fear

   Fear can hold you back from enjoying your skiing. How do you gain the freedom to ski steeps, bumps, trees, and maybe even just the blue runs in a relaxed and happy way.

  1. BulletOld School - New Skool

   How the shaped (carve) ski has changed ski technique

  1. BulletA Revival of the Steered Turn

  Why can't I carve the whole mountain? Do I really need to learn to steer?

  1. BulletModels Are For Shelves

   Should I try to ski "like the picture"?

  1. BulletSpiral Learning


  1. BulletGetting Off the Intermediate Plateau

  2. BulletInside Leg Extension

  3. BulletAthletic Stance

  4. BulletTurn Shape

  5. BulletBalance Training for Skiing

  6. BulletSidecut of Ski

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We think you're going to find this area of the YOUR SKI COACH website very interesting and valuable.  It's jam packed with valuable information on ski technique for skiers of every level.  Not only do we provide many in depth articles about specific skiing skills and learning to ski better, we also offer many short and easy to follow ski tips/lessons you can take right to the snow and use to improve.

This section fills another important role.  It acts as support for our Building Blocks DVD Instructional Series.   Our Building Blocks Series is an extremely comprehensive instructional program that skiers can use to self teach themselves to a very high level of skiing.  Within the series is a wealth of technical information and skill building ski technique that covers the full spectrum of the learning journey.  The volume of drills and training exercises for skiing in Building Blocks is massive.  This section of the website serves as the classroom where you will delve deeper into discussions and explanations of the specific ski techniques taught in Building Blocks. By utilizing this online resource in combination with your Building Blocks training, you will come to gain a clear and complete understanding of the whys and hows behind what you are learning on snow with the DVD's.

So, please, have a look around.  There's something for every level of skier, and we make great effort to compose the articles in a manner that makes them easy and understandable reading for any level of skier.  And come back often.  We'll be adding new articles and expanding our library of content on a regular basis.

New stuff

Drill Cards

Some of our students have wanted to take summaries of the DVDs to the hill. So now we are making drill cards available for the Basic Balance and Basic Edging DVDs. Laminated pocket sized cards with summary of the drill, hints, cautions and variations. One drill per side. Two per card. Take just the drills you want to work on, to the ski hill with you, in your pocket.

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New Articles

Saying Good-bye to Fear
How to learn to shed the fear that inhibits your ability to ski steep terrain, or just stops you from really enjoying the intermediate slopes.

Old School - New Skool
How the shaped (carve) ski has changed ski technique

A Revival of the Steered Turn Rediscovering the virtues and benefits of steering.

Spiral Learning

A new spin on developing your skiing skills.

If there are areas you'd like us to write about please email us.

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