Nathalie Le Galloudec

April 2009


Nathalie, who I've come to know as Nat, began skiing in France at the age of 4.  In ill health at the time, her parents sent her to a camp where she says, "I learned skiing, and became fluent in sign language (but I've forgotten all about sign language!)"

Well, she didn't forget about skiing.  Rather, she developed a great love for it.  It was a love that stayed with her into college, and through her eventual journey to America and becoming a US citizen.   And it was that love for skiing that motivated her to become a volunteer with Sky Tavern. 

Sky Tavern opened for business in 1945.  It was one of the Lake Tahoe area’s first ski resorts, and was frequented by celebrites such as Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman and Rita Hayworth.  Over time, Sky Tavern became the site of an increasingly popular program to teach northern Nevada youths to ski and snowboard. Reno and Washoe County purchased the resort in 1968, with the junior ski program who's been operated by the nonprofit group since 1991.  Currently this junior ski program teaches hundreds of youths how to ski and snowboard.  It's the oldest and largest nonprofit of its sort in country, and it's within this admirable organization that Nat has decided to give back to her beloved sport by volunteering to teach kids to ski.  Nat says, "There is nothing like a big smile from a kid... or a dazzled look on a parent's face!".

I first met Nat earlier this season as she was in the process of coming back from a serious knee injury.  An ACL rupture and a meniscus tear.  She had planned on taking her PSIA level 1 certification exam so she could become a better teacher, but her injury forced her to postpone it.  She had surgery in June, and when she contacted me she was looking to build her skills, but more importantly regain her confidence on skis after her injury.   She purchased Building Blocks, and coupled with a few Emails back and forth proceeded to do just that.

I'm so pleased to be able to now announce to everyone that Nat has made a full recovery, and has passed her Level 1 exam!!  Her motivation to pursue further advancements and certifications is now reenergized!  Nat is in the process of seeking her Children Specialist 1 accreditation, with Children Specialist 2 and PSIA level 2 to follow.

Nat has a number of thank yous to issue to those who contributed to her successful recovery:

"I want to thank my great friends, excellent surgeon, excellent physical therapist and athletic trainer, great husband and great kids!  There are so many to thank!  Randy Bel and his wife Terri, instructors at Mount Rose, and so much more.  They gave time to ski with us and discuss and cover the materials we needed to know for the exam.  Thanks to Frank Deras especially for telling me I needed to move after the injury because the only thing I was building by not moving was scar tissues!  Thanks for all the time you  gave us to ski with us and prepare for the exam.  Thanks to Dr. Pappas and his team for an impeccable surgery and follow up.  Thanks Randy Jacobe and Phil Pavlionis for the support and help with physical therapy and training.  Bruno, my husband, and Joanna and Megan, two adorable girls who had to put up with my reduced mobility for months!

And thanks, Rick, for the material in Building Blocks that showed me how to - step by step - rebuild my confidence on skis!!"

You're most welcome, Nat.  We're so proud of and happy for you.  What a great comeback and accomplishment!  The entire team here at Your Ski Coach extends a great big congratulations!  May you continue to meet your goals, and go on to introduce many a child to a lifetime of joy in this great sport we love!

Update:  May 2009

The comeback continues with flying colors!  Barely a month after receiving her PSIA level one certification, Nat has now acquired her Children Specialist 1 accreditation!  On behalf of everyone at Your Ski Coach, congratulations again, Nat!  You continue to inspire us all with your continued drive to improve your skills and elevate your ability to help young skiers discover the fun this skiing has to offer.  A sport they'll be able to enjoy for a lifetime! 

Update: February 2011

Nat now has passed her PSIA level 2 instructors exams!


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