Nancy Piatt

April 2009


April 2009: After skiing for several seasons Nancy began with the Building Blocks program toward the end of the 2009 season.  In short order she has realized a significant personal milestone.  After participating in a Building Blocks camp Nancy raced in her first NASTAR race.  Though a bit nervous of the prospect of competing in her first race, she remembered her training in the camp, and focused on her new skiing skills.  Here's her description of the experience.

During the clinic, we did endless drills, practiced new movements, and even skied on one foot. One of the event’s high points was a turn in the NASTAR race course. None of the participants had raced before, and our coaches assured us, “Oh don’t worry about your time, it’s just for fun.”

Oh yeah?

When it was my turn, I launched through the starting gate, and my brain cautioned, “Slow down! You might catch an edge, fall, and hurt yourself!” The rest of me shrieked, “A little faster, that gate won’t hurt you, only four more …three more …”

There’s something about a new challenge, isn’t there? We look it straight in the eye and say, “I can do this.” Once in a while, though, a little self-doubt creeps in and gives us cause to pause.

Effective coaching can turn challenges into “confidence-builders on steroids.” As I rounded each gate , I remembered Rick’s feedback: “Clean entry into every turn….look beyond the next gate …” His confidence in my skills enabled me to stay forward on my skis, tip them on edge, and laugh when a gate whacked me on the arm.

Good coaches have the genuine desire to help individuals discover–or re-discover—the truth about themselves, their talents, and their dreams. Then it’s up to us to make those dreams come true through hard work, discipline, and commitment.  My truth? I’m not quitting my day job to pursue a new career in racing. But, thanks to Rick, I’m a NASTAR silver medalist!

You sure are Nancy, CONGRATULATIONS!  I'm very proud of you

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Silver Medal in her first Nastar Race