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  1. BulletI really struggle when it gets steep, particularly when the snow is heavy and soft. (new Nov 10)

  1. BulletGetting to my new edges sooner. ... It seems it's the edge change that is getting me in trouble. ...What do you suggest I use from your DVD's for this.  There are SO many drills and so little time for them all I'm hoping you can suggest a progression of drill for those roughly 8 days on snow? (new Nov 10)

  1. BulletWhy don't you include skiing on one ski when you have skiing on one foot included? (new Oct 10)

  1. BulletCan I Learn to ski From DVDs? (new Oct 10)

  1. BulletCan Building Blocks help me overcome my fear of the steeps? (new Oct 10)

  1. BulletShould I feel shin pressure on the front of my boot?

  1. BulletHow long would you suggest doing the exercises for each day...? any time allotment before one then can go skiing and have more (integrated) fun?

  1. BulletDo you REALLY want me to skid my skis?

  1. BulletI have had various people tell me that I should be aiming for my body to face the fall line at all times, but you say not to do this (counter). When is it desirable, and when not?

  1. BulletAs far as boot forward flex/stiffness, aside from the obvious norm of beginners=softer, advanced=stiffer, at the very advanced to expert level....when might you choose a softer flex over a stiffer flex...or would you?  I know in my own skiing i tend to like a softer flex for all condition-type skiing (especially bumps), or have i just gotten lazy and should i have no problem skiing a stiff boot in the bumps, etc. with practice.

  1. BulletWould you agree/disagree that a skier with limited ankle flexion is best suited to a boot with minimal forward lean  - more upright...or unless you're a racer...maybe everyone would benefit from a more upright boot?

  1. BulletAre your bindings lifted? Do you recommend to lift bindings on teaching skis? Are your bindings lifted for off piste as well?

  1. BulletWhen do we use crossover and when cross through?  Turn shape, edge angles, terrain, something else…?

  2. BulletDo we create a leading ski while performing pelvic shift?  If yes, how does it correspond to leading ski as an old school technique?  How to reconcile it with PSIA model?

  3. Bullet Does ILE require pelvic shift in transition. Should ILE be used while skiing into a counter? If not then what should power up the transition? OLR? Does skiing into counter calls for OLR?

  4. BulletWhen do we ski countered and when square? Turn shape, edge angles, terrain, something else…?

  5. BulletIf square skiing requires more knee angulation, should not it be avoided to protect knees? 

  6. BulletWhat situations while skiing the Whole Mountain justify use of counter rotation?

  7. BulletWhen do I want to passively ski into counter, and when do I want to create that counter myself, right at the beginning of the turn?

  8. BulletWhile skiing into counter, when do we start to execute the pelvic shift, when it should be in place?

  9. BulletDoes Inside Leg Extension require pelvic shift in transition. Should ILE be used while skiing into a counter? If not then what should power up the transition? Outside Leg Relaxation? Does skiing into counter call for OLR?

  10. BulletI'm having trouble balancing on GS skis.  I keep falling on my inside ski.

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Post your questions to me through the email link below, and I will answer and post them on this page for all to benefit from.  The range of your questions can be broad in scope, such as;

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  2. Bullet Questions about how to use the ski lesson DVD program

  3. Bullet  Questions about specific Building Blocks ski instruction DVD's and the skills within them.  (Balance, Edging, Angulation, Transitions)

  4. Bullet  Questions about specific drills in the Building Blocks Ski Instructional DVD series

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  9. Bullet Or any other question that crosses your mind.

So jump in and participate.  If you're one of our students, we are here to help because want you to succeed.  If you are a guest, we're happy to spread some information your way  about this great sport we are so passionate about.

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